Be a Pillar!

The Be a Pillar campaign makes it possible for MCC PAD to:

•embody our global identity
•invest in PAD leadership
•build our global movement
•share abundantly, everyone according to their means, and
•increase MCC’s PAD impact, today and in God’s future world-wide.

Ways that YOU can Be a PILLAR
• Volunteer to greet and orient someone attending for the first time
• Share your room with a Guest
• Donate Frequent Flyer miles, purchase tickets
• Sponsor meals for participants
• Give generously to the Be a PILLAR campaign, call us today to set up your donation: 425.286.7554 or donate here:

How much is Needed
To meet our goal, MCC PAD needs to raise USD $10,000 or its equivalent as in-kind contributions. No contribution is too small, pooling our resources and gifts of all sizes enable those with more limited means, often traveling the greatest distances, to attend and participate fully.

The cost per person that is needed to support the participation of a Be A PILLAR scholarship recipient is between USD $700 and $1,000. The breakdown of these costs is as follows:

Conference Expense Estimated Cost (US Dollars)

ACCOMMODATIONS USD $425 (3 nights @ $125/night, incl tax)
AIRLINE TICKET USD $200 (domestic) up to $1,500 (international)
MEALS USD $60 (estimated for 1 non-conference meal per day @ $20)

It’s easy to give to the Be a Pillar fund. Give us a call to set up your donation today: 425.286.7554

This conference and the special opportunities it provides can be invaluable for our PAD participants.

Thank you!

If you are not planning to attend the conference, but still wish to participate in the Be a Pillar campaign or if you have questions about the campaign please contact us.