Our Vision

The MCC Conference for People of African Descent, Friends, and Advocates is a forum for people of African Descent within MCC, our friends, and advocates. The vision of the PAD Conference is to connect people of African descent with one another for worship, celebration, skill-building, strategizing, leadership development, and programming all from the lens of African American culture. The conference welcomes everyone — including people of African descent who are not part of MCC and people who are not of African descent (collectively referred to as “friends and advocates”). When we are together, we can build relationships of mutuality and respect and at the same time increase the capacity of MCC to be authentically welcoming and embracing of people of African descent.

Conference Mission

The mission of the MCC Conference for People of African Descent, Friends, and Advocates it to provide a groundbreaking ministry experience that inspires all who are involved to continue their individual and shared journeys toward creating a truly inclusive spiritual community committed to social justice for all.

Conference Overview

The 2017 MCC Conference for People of African Descent, Our Friends and Advocates is the 9th convening since 1998. Previous conferences were held in Laurel, MD; Vienna, VA; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Tampa, FL, St. Louis, MO, Washington D.C, and Atlanta, GA.

The 2017 MCC PAD Conference will offer transforming and practical resources on leadership, spirituality, social justice, and health and wellness for laity, clergy, churches, and organizations There will also be inspirational worship, powerful preaching, and soulful fellowship.

Conference Goals

Overarching Goal: All conference participants will become equipped and empowered to engage in ministry within a racially-diverse, mutually-respectful community of faith in ways that honor the gifts, skills, experiences, and lives of people of African descent.

Goals for People of African Descent 

  • People of African descent will experience safe space and affirmation of who they are in MCC and in the world and
  • Gain vital skills to thrive in the present-day context, both internal and external to MCC.

Goals for People of European Descent

  • People of European descent will experience being within an African-American cultural context; and
  • Gain vital skills to become effective advocates.