The PAD Conference marks a major milestone in demonstrating that collaboration among all people can be done in love and compassion. Our mission remains steadfast in fully supporting the Metropolitan Community Church family and vision of promoting diversity, reaching the marginalized and speaking justice.

We recognize that businesses and organizations within the larger People of African Descent communities are an integral part of connecting people in affirming and supportive ways. Vendors at the 2011 PAD Conference will be provided space to get the word out among our attendees and visitors about services and products they provide. Vendors will also be afforded the ability to connect with other businesses, organizations, and professionals to extend their reach into our PAD communities.

The conference space is open to vendors interested in supporting the PAD Conference through the purchase of rental booth space for the purpose of sharing information and/or merchandise sales. Our Vendor Expo will feature all vendors equally, and will be placed adjacent to our worship space to provide the highest visibility.

To become a vendor at the 2011 PAD Conference, complete and submit this form:  Download the Vendor Form here!