A Word from Rev. Elder Darlene Garner to Pastors and Church Leadership


Dear Pastor and Church Leadership:


The MCC Conference for People of African Descent (PAD) & Our Friends and Allies will be held May 15-17, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia; the host church is First MCC of Atlanta).  Please support this critically important opportunity for the people of our churches and communities.

Since 1998, each PAD Conference has been dedicated to achieving our mission:

To provide a groundbreaking ministry experience for People of African Descent, their families and their allies within MCC that inspires all who are involved to continue their individual and shared journeys toward creating a truly inclusive spiritual community committed to social justice for all.

Everyone is welcome to attend.  If a person is descended from the indigenous peoples of Africa, he/she is a Person of African Descent.  It does not matter if that person was born, lived, or grew up in the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, the Asian-Pacific or Africa. “Families, friends, allies, and loved ones” include anyone who is connected to the PAD community, whether as a lover, a parent, child, co-worker, friend, or someone interested in striving with us to build the “beloved community.” Our hope is simply that all who attend the Conference do so because they love, respect and want to join us on our journey toward diversity and inclusion!


Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator of MCC, says:

Attending this conference is important to me because People of African Descent in MCC are important to me and to the future of our Fellowship.  The gifts and ministry of People of African Descent need to be celebrated, uplifted, and increased!


The theme for the 2014 PAD Conference is “Be the Change” reflecting MCC’s commitment to Transforming Ourselves as We Transform the World. There will be amazing programming, soul-stirring worship, and informing plenaries on a wide range of topics that will support churches, clergy, and other leaders in becoming even more diverse and inclusive.

PAD Conference participants will have many exciting opportunities to get to know each other, celebrate one another, and find support for their dreams.  They will return to their churches and communities with tools and information they need to help your congregation and all of MCC become the welcoming and nurturing home it can be for people of color all over the world. MCC clergy who attend can receive CEU’s.

What can your church do?

  • Promote the PAD Conference through your church announcements, newsletter, web page postings, and Facebook using the conference link http://padconference.mccchurch.org/
  • Encourage and sponsor participation of people of African descent and allies from your church.
  • Contribute to the Pillar fund.
  • Place an ad in the program book.
  • Sponsor a conference event.

Click here are materials that you can use to promote the conference in your church.  These include church bulletin inserts, Registration form, Sponsor/Ad form and Vendor/Information form.

Thank you so much for all you will do to support the 2014 PAD Conference.  It is churches like yours that can help make this event a life-changing opportunity for people of African descent within MCC, our families, and our allies.


Rev. Elder Darlene Garner

PAD Conference Convener

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